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Vegan Gnocchi alla Norma.JPG

Gnocchi alla Norma

A classic sicilian sauce for any season

Rigatoni with Courgettes Olives and Sage

Courgettes, Olive and Sage

My go-to party pasta, very easy to scale up and always a big hit!

Asparagus Pesto.jpg

Asparagus, Lemon & Pistacchio

Step into the sunshine with this delicate sicilian dish


Chickpeas & Tomatoes

A simple pantry-emptying recipe you can modify for every season


Maritime Spaghetti

A fish-free pasta for the salty seadog in you

Pasta with Broccoli 2.heic

Pasta with


The simplest of recipes but with the biggest payoff. This is a must try!

Saffron  Radicchio 4.heic

Saffron & Radicchio

Indulgent but simple. Creamy but delicate!

Authentic Italian Vegan Puttanesca.jpg

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

This sleazy, irresistible classic is in your pantry, do you dare open the door?

Vegan Ragu.JPG

Simple Ragù

Pasta 101. This comfort food classic can't be beat!

Porcini and Blueberries 3.JPG

Blueberries & Porcini

A speciality from the woodland area I grew up in in northern italy!

Pesto alla Trapanese Vegan.jpg

Pesto alla Trapanese

A sicilian staple for summery days