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Mission Statement

Exploring Pasta is exploring Italy’s history, culture and biodiversity. 

By preparing our food with recipes handed down by generations you understand the great celebrations and difficulties Italians of bygone era’s lived through. The jubilation of community and family events, and the creativity borne of desperation and poverty.

Each region is an improbably rich bounty, creating a diverse and rich journey through which the thread of Italys borders are sewn. Italian food is a story of what is offered by the soil, but also an evolution of what the many civilisations that invaded brought.

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About The Pasta Prince

The Pasta Prince (otherwise known as Scott Pugnetti) is a 31 year-old Director’s Agent, Artist and amateur chef, originally from Lombardy, northern Italy. 

Growing-up between the city and the mountains with a Scottish Mother and an Italian Father, Scott has always enjoyed exploring culture through food. Learning to cook with his family from a young age, food and its heritage became a passion. 

Spending time in the UK and USA as a young adult, Scott found that he was more and more drawn to how people tell their stories through the language of food. His experiences abroad also made him realise how much he loved the food of his homeland namely, pasta, and how its multifarious nature has told the stories of Italians for centuries. 

During the Milan lockdown in early 2020, Scott turned this interest into a hobby. Unable to work he started using his time to try and perfect the art of making pasta and get creative culinarily. This is his journey, the mistakes, the triumphs and the many many sauces. Enter the reign of The Pasta Prince!