Pesto gets it's name from its ingredients being "pestato" - beaten!

Traditionally you would make these pesto's with a pestle and mortar, but most of them can easily be made with a food processor, making these recipes quick, easy and healthy vegan lunch options!

Why not try to think of your favourite ingredients and make your own Pesto?


Classic Basil Pesto

Pasta 101. This Ligurian classic is one of our staples

Asparagus, Lemon, Pistacchio Pesto

Step into the sunshine with this delicate sicilian dish

Pesto Trapanese

Trapani's almond and tomato twist on a classic

Walnut Pesto

A creamy pesto bursting with flavour

Almond, Ginger and Mint Pesto

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

Pesto Etrusco

A Tuscan pantry classic with olive and sundried tomato.