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Beetroot Farfalle

Updated: May 29, 2020

When I was growing up farfalle were my comfort food. I discovered later that they were usually the shape we had (with tuna) when mum was too tired to cook, but it didn’t matter to me. When I left home, exploring the pasta-less wilderness of the world, I forgot all about farfalle until I moved back to Milan. Spying them on a supermarket shelf like an explorer I caught them in my net, and to this day they give me a deep sense of calm and comfort.

These beetroot farfalle were a revelation. So much fun to make! The colours! The shapes (deceptively simple -> wonderfully creative) but most of all the taste! A wonderful deep perfume.

We had these with a seitan ragù (duck would be traditional..) but I think there is more room to explore here, perhaps something creamier... You can sure I’ll be getting my net out and hunting down more butterflies in the wilderness soon!


270g Durum Wheat Flour

1 medium steamed Beetroot

Roughly 100ml water

1 pinch of Salt


- To make the Beetroot infusion ensure that the beetroot is soft and blend in a food processor with the water.

- Add around 150ml of the total blend to the flour and follow these instructions for making pasta dough.

- If your dough is sticking to your fingers after you have kneaded for 10 minutes continuing adding flour and kneading. You want a uniform dough that doesn’t stick to your surface or fingers.

- Roll out your pasta and cut out 2x4 cm rectangles.

- Pinch the rectangles in the middle to form the butterfly shapes. Place on a tea towel until ready to cook.

- When you have your chosen sauce ready, cook the pasta for 5/6 minutes in boiling salted water, keep a cup of the pasta water aside.

- Make sure you taste test the pasta before draining

- Mix the pasta with the sauce, adding a little of the pasta water if the sauce seems a bit thick.

- Serve and enjoy.

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