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Pesto Etrusco

Recommended Pasta: Pici

There’s nothing better than raiding your cupboard and realising you have every ingredient you need waiting for you. This is an incredibly simple but rich Tuscan sauce made with just fresh parsley, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil and Parmesan.

As for the Pici, I guarantee everyone can make their own. Just roll them out and look at the bounty you’ve created. Pici are so versatile you can have them with whatever you like, but why not try whirring out this pesto and let me know what you think!

Impress your friends with this incredibly easy sauce. If it’s too thick add some more olive oil. The tartness of the tomatoes will quieten when added to your pasta.


100g Sun-dried Tomato

120g Black Olives

Big handful of Parsley

Generous drizzle of Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt

20g Vegan Parmesan

1 Dried Chilli (To taste, if you like spice add more!)


Empty your pantry and just chuck all the above ingredients in your food processor and mix well. Cook your pasta and, just before you drain the water, keep a cup of the pasta water aside.

Drain the pasta and mix in with the sauce, add a little of the water you set aside if the sauce seems too thick, keep adding it until it has a nice, smooth consistency.

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