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Pumpkin Tortelli (Tortelli di Zucca)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

These delicious Tortelli come from my home region of Lombardia, specifically from a beautiful city called Mantova.

Although Pumpkin is generally eaten during the autumn/winter these Tortelli are popular all year round.

One of the secret ingredients is a local preserve called Mostarda, which is essentially preserved fruit prepared like a jam but with the addition of mustard extract. It gives it a wonderful sweet and slightly spicy perfume that ties everything together.

If you can't find the Mostarda or Amaretti biscuits you could just fill these with Pumpkin, or try to recreate the flavour by using any almond crumbly biscuit (or even a ginger nut if you are in the UK!).

Alternatively you could chop up a few dried apricots and almonds and use them.


For 4 servings

For the pasta

400g Durum Wheat Flour

200g Warm Water

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Turmeric

For the filling

800g Pumpkin (try to get a nice soft one)

3-4 Amaretti Biscuits

100g Apple Mostarda

Salt and Pepper

For the sauce

A knob of plant based butter

A few sage leaves


- Heat your oven to 180° Celsius

- Chop your pumpkin into small cubes about the same size. Add them to a baking tray on oven paper and cover with foil.

- Follow these instructions for kneading your dough

- After an hour check the pumpkin, it should be quite moist and very soft.

- Mash the pumpkin and remove any excess liquid, keep mashing until you have little to no liquid left.

- Crumble the amaretti biscuits and chop your apple mostarda. Add them to the pumpkin

- Add two teaspoons of the mostarda liquid if you are using it.

- Add salt and pepper to taste

- Take a portion of your pasta and roll it into a long strip. Flour your work surface to avoid sticking.

- Place a teaspoon of the pumpkin mix and place it a fingers width away from the bottom of the pasta, space the next teaspoon a fingers width away.

- Fold the pasta over to cover the mix and cut at the correct length so that you are left with a rectangle containing the filling spots.

- Press out any air and form your filling into a central pouch surrounded by pasta.

- Use a pastry cutter to cut out your squares. Place them on a tea towel and cover while you continue to work until you finish your dough and filling.

- Fry your butter in a seperate pan and once melted add the chopped sage leaves.

- Cook for 5 minutes in boiling salted water until they float to the surface, taste before adding directly to the butter and sage.

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