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Tagliatelle with Figs

I discovered this lovely fresh late-summer recipe by chance at a restaurant in Umbria. It seems like a slightly unusual combination but offers a really lovely, tangy alternative to a traditional tomato sauce.

The key is to balance the sweetness of the figs, the richness of the tomatos and just a hint of spice!

I am still playing about with this recipe so will come back to it and update this page if I find improvements!

Tagliatelle with Figs

Serves 2

A clove of garlic

A handful of tomatoes

4-6 Figs

Chilli to taste

- Start by adding a whole clove of garlic to oil and simmer on a low heat.

- Chop some chilli peppers and add to the oil (make sure not to burn them!)

- Peel the tomatoes by cutting an x into the bottom and place in boiling water for 15 seconds. Place them in an ice bath and remove the skins

- Add the tomatoes to the pan and squeeze once they heat up.

- Cook for 10-15 minutes until the tomato resembles a sauce and add salt&pepper to taste

- 5 minutes before serving peel the figs and crumble chunks into the tomato sauce. You want to cook them but still retain the wonderful texture they offer.

- Retain some of the cooking water from the pasta, add to the sauce and add the tagliatelle directly to the pan.

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