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Traditional Basil Pesto

Drop that pesto jar and whip up some of your own! You can do it the traditional way or (whisper it) you could just blitz it up in a food processor in less than 5 mins.

If you can’t find pine nuts, just replace with breadcrumbs, it’ll give you the body you want (in your pesto and in real life). Nothing beats homemade!

Recommended Pasta: Trofie,


20g basil leaves

1/2 garlic clove

2-3 granules big salt

1TBS Pine nuts or 1 Tsp breadcrumbs

2TBS Vegan Parmesan

Drizzle of olive oil


Add the salt and garlic to a pestle and mortar and start grinding. Once the salt has been ground down add the basil and continue to grind until the Basil has become a pulp. Add the pine nuts or breadcrumbs and continue grinding down. This whole process should take 15-20 minutes. Once you had a nice creamy paste add the parmesan, continue grinding until fully mixed and finally add the olive oil. If you are storing the pesto for a longer period add some more olive oil on top of the pesto.

Alternatively, you can take all of the ingredients and whip them in a food processor!

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