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Have you always wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta but don't know where to start?

Join me in one of my workshops where I can teach you the basics, or help you hone your skills in the pursuit of perfection!

I currently offer four pasta-making levels, ranging in difficulty and style. For most of the lessons you won't need anything more than what you would expect to have in a normal kitchen, but if you do need any tools I will warn you ahead of time with a helpful workbook designed to prepare you for the workshop, as well as help you remake what you learn with me on your own.

Level 1. Equipment Free Beginners (Orecchiette, Cavatelli, Pezzettelli)

Level 2. Equipment Free  (Trofie, Lorighittas, Busiate, Pici) 

Level 3. Shaping with Tools (Farfalle, Fusi Istriani, Casarecce)

Level 4. Cutting rolled Pasta (Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Tagliolini)

I offer one on one learning, as well as group sessions which can be done with friends and family or other pasta enthusiasts eager to learn!

For pricing please contact me via email or on instagram